I have a 5 hour bus ride tonight, so now I’m frantically trying to find a new book to load onto my kindle for entertainment. I have become really finicky about the types of books I like, so this is a tough one. I think I may only like books where the author is speaking in their own voice, rather than fiction. That’s why I loved The Psychopath Test. He compiles research and writes as a journalist so everything just feels so perfect and complete by the end. The only problem is, it has ruined other books for me and I CAN NOT find anything I like as much. It is possible I am biased though because I saw him in person at my old job performing at a comedy debate show. While reading I was able to appreciate the story better understanding his anxious tendencies. (he is #6 on the playlist, sorry couldn’t separate out the other performers, though I also highly recommend Maeve Higgins)

Also, I should mention the book design! The picture doesn’t do it justice unfortunately since much of what makes it impressive is textural, but geez, so unique. They really succeeded at putting together two completely contrasting images.  This is what happens when designers get to run free I assume; AWESOME THINGS!

Fonts in Use did a really great overview of the design you can see here.
Now, any good book suggestions?


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