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Right now I’m in the process of trying to update my website’s design with something a little more personalized. Instead of rushing into things impatiently like I usually do, I decided that I’m going to make a series of smaller more specific mood boards that I can narrow down from into one general one that has a better branding understanding.

I tried really hard to just pick things I liked without relating them to each other with the hopes I would be able to find an unbiased connection.  I think the main thing I learned from this is that I like the idea of repetitive shapes with handmade qualities. Eventually I’ll have to work on some mood boards for other aspects I’ll need to incorporate, like color swatches and type.

I’ve done a lot of season inspiration type mood boards in the past and they are so helpful in understanding where you even want to start with something, minus the pressure. With Pinterest as a tool, it’s easy to put it all together in one place. There’s no rules!

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