Do you ever get stuck with photos or textures that you are really drawn to, but they are just not strong enough to stand on their own?  I feel like this happens to me a lot…one way I can combat this is by using textures as part of some bigger, more interesting work (like here), or by using them within text.  And good news! It’s super easy. Earlier this week I was eyeing this graffiti wall in my neighborhood and decided that there were just too many awesome colors in it to not use this photo as part of something.

STEP 1: Create a photoshop document with your preferred dimensions. I like to start by deciding how I want my text laid out.

step 1

STEP 2: Then, go to FILE>PLACE and chose your photo from the drop down. Your photo should automatically be above your text layer, but check your layers panel just to be sure that it is. Make sure the resolution on your photo is at least at 300 (IMAGE>IMAGE SIZE>CHANGE RESOLUTION TO 300)

step 2

STEP 3: Be sure your photo layer is the top layer AND selected in you layers panel. In your layers panel, click the drop down (top right corner) and select CREATE CLIPPING MASK.

step 3

STEP 4: Now you should be left with your photo inside your text.  As you can see from my text below, the photo doesn’t always match up the way you would like it to.  That’s fine though because in this step we can adjust the size and placement of the photo to better fit our text. The photo layer will still be moveable and you can still free transform it.  It also will be easier to judge if you place a white background behind your text.  This is also the time to add any extra details outside of the clipping mask.
step 4All set to print! I printed on photo paper with an epson, but if you don’t have access to a good quality photo printer than you can bring the file to a pharmacy or office supply store with photo printing capabilities.

I ended up matting this and hung it over the drafting table in my office. For now I like the summery vibes it’s giving, but am pretty sure I’ll have to bury it out of sight when winter comes.

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