Happy Friday and a Month in Photos

Happy Friday! Welcome to my iphone photo dump.

1-3. Taking in all the cappuccinos and cutesy brunches my wallet can handle

4-5. Eating ALL the sushi, drinking ALL the Sapporo

6. Creeping on Manhattan from Long Island City

7. Puppy Stalking THER IS A PUPPY IN THAT BAG (also I terrified this girl…she saw me taking pictures of her from a car that was slowing down next to her)

8. Juice Art!

9-11. Museum of the Mooving Image, Astoria. So Cool! Wish I could have gone to the Breaking Bad Exhibit.

12. Drawing awkward attention by being the only adult playing with colored pencils on the train to NYC.

13. The Psychopath Test. Read this in 2 days flat. I saw him perform at Symphony Space’s Uptown Showdown when I still worked there and I think he is my favorite author now.

14. Makin Messes


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