How Not to Use Crayons

The Aftermath

Happy Thursday!! I had a post about a craft I had wanted to try for a while planned for today but this is what happened instead…whoops! Lately a lot of the projects I have attempted have ended in failure. I blame it on the soul crushing heat of the city in summer.  It basically turns me into a zombie that can’t stop eating or have normal conversations unless I’m dipped in ice water. So instead of dwelling on my failure for too long, I am going to embrace it and share some of my favorite places to let my mind wander when I’m feeling uninspired/discouraged. (A lot of the sites I frequent are not strictly graphic design based so much as super creative food/interior design/craft blogs). Slightly chilled porcupine So this a really new find but I loved this comic site instantly. The sense of humor is the best. Check out the “About” page especially.

 A Beautiful Mess I’ve been following this site for a while now, and not to be dramatic, but it is the best creative blog I have ever seen. It has new content at least 3-4 times a day and its all really inspiring pinterest level stuff. (As I’m typing this the colored mat idea is blowing my mind. AWESOME)

Vintage Revivals I love this site because the author is such a badass. She does all these crazy remodeling things with power tools and measuring and I am so jealous, but also incapable measuring things correctly.

How Sweet It Is This is by FAR my favorite food blog. It is honestly a part of my daily routine to check it. The funny thing is I almost never make any of the recipes she posts about, I just really enjoy her writing style, so much personality shoved into each post that it just comes off as really genuine. She also has a lot of unconventional recipes that are pretty entertaining.

I guess the main thing that all of these blogs have in common is their sense of personality. They know who they are and what they’re doing there and most importantly, stick to it! I think this is something I struggle with more than anything, especially in the face of silly little failures.  There is so much pressure in the creative industry to pretend everything you’ve done creatively has come naturally without all the awkward struggles. NOT REALISTIC.  Those awkward struggles are like 50% of the job minimum.  Anyway, here’s to keeping inspired. Hopefully soon I’ll actually succeed at this craft and post about it for real!



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