Hudson Valley Swatch Drawing

hudsonThis past weekend I went for a little trip to upstate New York to go camping (now I can cross THAT off my Bucket List!).  Since I don’t have a car I always have to take the train part of the way along the Hudson River, which is always such a treat visually. If I haven’t left the city in a while, it seems like my eyes will forget how to handle taking in such saturated greens and blues and my brain gets totally overstimulated and frazzled.  A weird problem to have.  To give an idea, the photo below is a horrible iphone photo and it still shows just how epic this place looks (this photo was taken behind the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park).

I have been trying to incorporate more drawing into my outside-of-work design efforts, so the train ride home seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some work done, especially since I had packed colored pencils.  Looking at the landscape next to the train I decided I wanted to focus on the color palette and keep things pretty abstract otherwise.  I actually  intended for this to be more abstract than where I ended up, but I am still happy with where the idea led me.  When drawing, I used the view looking out at the train tracks with the Hudson River and Catskills in the distance for reference.

The idea of picking out the color swatches in a setting rather than actually focusing on the specific objects is really intriguing to me and I think I will most likely experiment with it more.  I am really out of practice with color theory stuff, but love when colors seem unrelated or “ugly” on their own and then look unique and amazing when paired.



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