Summertime Bucket lists

Almost two months ago, I got a new job.  It always takes me forever to transition into these types of new situations, and it seems like any time I do, everything else comes to a halt for a while.  It took me until pretty much this week to start itching again for more, and now I am going crazy looking for some sort of creative outlet outside of work. Lately I have been feeling really creatively stunted and I’m fearing I’m becoming a worse designer for it.  I’m stuck in a bland spot.

Since I’m working fewer hours and my income is less tight this summer it is the perfect time to come up with a summer bucket list, in order to pressure myself into doing awesome things as much as possible this summer.  This of course means that I have to go to coffee shops about it and try to write a bucket list but then get distracted and doodle instead and only write down a list of like 6 things. Because of my forgetfulness/ADD this is almost definitely going to have to be a working list for now.  Hopefully putting myself through these new experiences will inspire me to be less “blah”!


Experiment with juicing stuff
Successfully make (pretty) Sushi
Redecorate my room
Go camping
Grow Vegetables (in NYC)
Do a yoga Class
Make Froyo
Boozy Brunch
Row a boat
Do more type design with objects
Picnic at central park
Sign up for a 5k


3 thoughts on “Summertime Bucket lists

  1. I’m a fan of yearly bucket lists. I make a list of 10 impossible goals for the year and then surprise myself when I actually do them. It’s good to write it down but I totally endorse the doodling. It’s a great creative outlet.

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