Week 8- On Continuing Creativity

Designer's block

Sometimes I find that working in a creative field is the most rewarding experience I could ask for. Other times, it makes me want to find a deserted hallway somewhere and scream for a while.  Most of the time I’m able to figure out a way of solving a design problem just by doing research until I happen upon inspiration that leads to a solution; However, every now and then I get backed into a corner where I just CAN NOT for the life of me find a solution that works both visually and conceptually.  Usually this happens at the worst possible time- when I am on a tight deadline, when things otherwise are very stressful, or when the stakes are very high.  Then again these may be the causes of my designer’s block as I tend to psych myself out.

The truth is that creativity is not always a natural tendency and it can’t be forced quickly.  This is why I’m realizing lately how important it is to not only create a creative process for these times when I’m stuck, but to also analyze what creative processes occur when I’m successful and positive in working through a project.  Sometimes the answer is as simple as just messing around on Pinterest for a while, and sometimes you just need to stop and get a coffee.  Sometimes you will just have to deal and complete a project for a client and you won’t like it…and that’s ok.  The ultimate goal is to always be able to create something that you can be proud of, but sometimes we fail.  And I think that graphic designers have a really hard time with this because our entire career is to create things that will be scrutinized and judged, and it is hard to keep from self-identifying with failed work.

So I guess this is partially just a pep talk that I’m having with myself- That I should just stop bitching about how I don’t know what to do next and I should just grit my teeth and finish the job instead of freaking out about failing.  I am pretty sure the world will still go on tomorrow even if I make a crappy piece of art.

In terms of the graphic above, I made a clipping mask with some of my doodles in the text and made a reductive design in terms of color and composition.  The subway tiles as a background texture just felt right in a design about my current life frustrations, perhaps because of my horrendous commute into manhattan on the 7 train this morning.

Also Puppy memes help!


2 thoughts on “Week 8- On Continuing Creativity

  1. Hey Diane this is a really great post and the puppy meme at the bottom made me lol so much , I can completely understand the creative or designer block I sometimes try and find the answers in research and sourcing inspiration myself by sometimes the answer just isn’t there at that moment to find. Even when we have deadlines or a client email that goes along the lines of “how are you getting on” to which you bluff ” its going great thanks!” then proceed to change your pants because you no mentally your stuffed.

    I’m terrible for fiddling with a concept or illustration until I’m happy with it (perfectionist side) because we want people to like what we do even though it will be analyse , judged and maybe admired by others. We want that level to be reached of self satisfaction where you can say “look at that I did a great job *inflated ego*” but like you said sometimes its just about doing your best not overdoing it and putting it out there without worrying about whether its a great piece or art or not because you might be surprised that others see it as your best.

    Kate x

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