Spring Design inspiration

Here in New York (or everywhere maybe?) the weather has really been teasing us.  It seems like every week we will have a legit spring day that fulfills all of my hopes and dreams for winter being over, only to go out the next day met by icy wind blasts.  I feel like it’s worth mentioning also, that as someone who grew up in an even cloudier, colder, snowier place than NYC, all it takes is the weather to be 50 degrees and sunny and I feel like I’m in paradise… so I’m not really asking for much!

I think that because of my cravings for a season change, I’ve been gathering more inspirational materials lately.  After looking at all the ones I had collected for this post, I realized that the connection between all of these pieces is that they push the limits of texture and typography, often together.  I’ve always loved typography, but I think somehow it’s growing on me even more based on my Pinterest account.

Forever21 email blast

Forever 21 Email blast screen shot

I love this, even though it is a marketing email blast, because of how many textures are combined. Also the color scheme is so cheerful and bubbly! And those photo filters just feel like vacation (sigh).

wireWire by Dan Hoopert (Found via)

I love how the artist uses the wires in different densities to bring contrasts in the letter weights- And the precision on this is incredible.

DesignspirationFound via

The contrast on this is so beautiful. Also, there actually is a word in this so keep looking until you find it- I liked the piece even more once I did!

TypographyFound via

I love the thin lines that pull you through this piece.  It almost seems musical to me.


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