Week 6- Resume Revamp

Since I’ve been rebranding lots of other materials lately ( Like my business  card and portfolio) I decided – why not my resume too? I hadn’t done a resume update since my senior year of college, so I felt it needed some help looking a little less “student-y”.  I mainly had it in a listed format previously, which I found to be very space inefficient, so I wanted to find a way to simply show the same information in small, easy to manage chunks.  What I found is that doing so not only made it so I could fit all the new wording updates I needed, I also was able to showcase MORE information than previously with less space (life hack)!

I knew I wanted to do an info graphic for my employment history, just because I almost always hate the way resumes look when they’re just listed in rows.  It is quite possible that this was inspired somewhat by my riding the subway every day, but I also wanted to find a better way of displaying my overlapping work history.  When my resume was listed, I felt that the periods in time where I had held two jobs simultaneously just ended up detracting from each other and making each seem less significant than if they had stood alone.  I like how with this set up, it is more visually apparent that these jobs were simultaneous because of color overlapping- And I feel that instead of detracting from each other it appears more like I was ambitiously taking on more responsibilities! At least I hope?


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