Week 3 Type-ing Again



This project was part of an experiment that I have already posted about, where I was interested in animating text with my drawing tablet in a suitable environment based on the chosen word.  I’ve already posted the “growth” project but designed the other one hoping to be able to use them stacked like this.  I like how they fit together but there is also a juxtaposition between organic and manmade, and gritty and clean.  I might keep going with this idea since I have a lot of fun with the meticulousness of this type of work (because I am a freak).

Anyway this phrase is crucial to my life lately, because it is insane how easy it is to just be ok with being unhappy in your current position and then 20 years pass, and then you convince yourself that the things you wanted but failed to try at were things you didn’t want anyway so its alright…but now I’m spiraling and hyperventilating and people are starting to judge me the way they do when I do that, soooo…  The point is, for me the hardest part isn’t growing and improving as a person, it is deciding how I’m going to change and improve and then implementing those changes.  Hence this blog, the main way that I organize and force myself into goal setting. END RANT.


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