Week 2-Geometric Play


This was a fun (delicious) experiment.  I came up with the geometric shapes I wanted for this photo tutorial before I even knew what I wanted the tutorial to be about.  Really I just wanted to experiment with using slightly complicated interlocking shapes in a way that was still legible as an info-graphic.  I had some fun with it, and will probably be revisiting this again to see if I can make it successful in a more reductive way.

I don’t feel like I need to go into much detail about the recipe because it’s all there, but it’s a good/simple one! I’m trying to get away from doing too much recipe stuff on these weekly posts unless I find myself drawn to some sort of design relevant to it- But luckily I am pretty drawn to food-y designs, so we shall see.


Sometimes when my room mate helps me do photo shoots, he will take awkward behind-the-scenes photos when he’s trying to get his settings right, and I think this my favorite pair yet! On the left, I am trying to pretend eat my avocado eggs in an OCD perfect but imperfect way for the above photos…while on the right, my boyfriend is hardcore judging me for being a freak, but in the most artsy hipster photo ever. I LOVE IT!


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