Keeping Balance

balanced cover

It’s week one of my new “post a week” schedule, and I have already driven myself crazy.

The title of this post is really ironic, because the whole time I was working on this project, all I could think was that I must be really imbalanced to do something like this to myself!  This ranks pretty high on my list of meticulous activities that I’ve thrown myself under the bus with, and let’s just say that list… is long.

I have always wanted to experiment with type out of physical objects.  I love the look of taking something handmade or organic, and making it look really graphic and neat.  The main inspirations for this off the top of my head are here and here.

After finding all of the colors in my kitchen that I was looking for, I laid on the floor next to the radiator for at least two hours putting this together grain by grain/ leaf by leaf.  I literally had to place everything one by one with tweezers and swoosh things in place with a tiny paintbrush.  It tested my sanity pretty hard.  Luckily it all ended up neat and no one breathed too hard on the quinoa (such a precarious pile of quinoa) just long enough to get some usable photos.

IMG_0423I knew I wanted a clean and simple design to emphasize my food type so I kept it pretty reductive and pulled colors from within my photo for text.  I was happy with how it turned out though, to the point where I may turn this into some kind of magazine spread or article layout experimentation.  So keep a look out, this guy may be back again!


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