Late Resolutions


I’m actually embarrassed to admit how long I have been working on this project.  We’re talking like pre-christmas that I started this illustration.  This illustration started with me wanting to do more experimenting with typography manipulation- and I had hoped to make it a series, which I may still do.  At the rate I’ve been going this will take me approximately  THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Anyway, I’m not usually the type to make a huge deal about New Year’s resolutions, but this year I felt a little more obligated.  I think about how much my life changed in 2013, and how much room for similar improvements there is for 2014, and I realize I need some sort of structure to my plans.  I procrastinated on this big time in December, and it took me all of January to get my thoughts straight.   I won’t go into too much detail about everything in order to spare you from boredom, but my 2014 goals relevant to this blog involve designing more frequently in my free time.  Obviously I design regularly because its my job, but I don’t often have complete creative control.  Sometimes this makes me feel like I have no space for growth unless I do outside design research and/or exercises.  And I am the kind of person that fears complacency; I honestly don’t think I will ever stop feeling like there is room for improvement no matter what point in my career I’m in.

My main point to all this “growth talk” is that I plan to make at least one original design post every week.   I hope to stick to this plan in order to give me an outlet to explore new styles and techniques under a more pressured deadline than I gave myself for the above piece.   So here’s to expanding comfort zones and promoting growth…Let’s see where this goes!


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