30 Days:30 Projects- Day 28


I did this project back when I was on vacation at home.  There is this old ice cream stand in my hometown that has been there FOREVER and is basically a part of my town’s history.  Anyway, when ever I do make it home in the summertime while its open, I always try to stop there at least once.  They have the most delicious soft-serve black raspberry, which I almost always get with chocolate dip when I go.   I even was able to get my boyfriend to stretch outside his comfort zone (vanilla soft serve) and get a twist!  Anyway, there is nothing more summery than going for ice cream treats spontaneously.  Its always funny to watch the flavors different people get, because I feel like it says a ton about someone’s personality.  My favorite combination is when a big scary looking guy orders rainbow sprinkles.  My mom always says that going out for ice cream has a way of turning everyone into little kids again.  So true.

I hope to get another chance before the season ends!


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