30 Days: 30 Projects- Day 25+26


Day 25

For this design I went with  a green color splash, obviously signifying the color of grass/turf fields.  I also went with a banner in the logo to channel thoughts of team flags.  For both of these I carried through the logo font and tap illustrations.  When I first began to think about sports bars seriffed fonts in all caps were all I could connect with them, but it looked to cliche to me as the main focal point.  I ended up going with a more casual, playful font as the focal point but pulled it back with the all caps seriffed.


Day 26

For day 26 I switched up my color splash to red, another sporty color.  I struggled with text placement because the dimensions are so limiting and I wanted to find ways of pulling the design more vertical visually, since I was working with such a horizontal space.

Day 25 and 26 were both hypothetical designs that I was asked to complete as part of a job application. I decided to include these in my 30 Day Project mostly because I had no time to make separate, more creative designs on top of these those days.  I can’t just be designing all willy-nilly, sadly.  However, I did think that he were designed well based on the given guidelines.  The main guidelines were that it had to be these dimensions, greyscale other than one small splash of color, and all black text. We were also given this hypothetical sports bar to design the flyer for, named Chuggies (so classy).  This was actually deceptively hard to get started on, considering that in my head when I think about the style features of a sports bar I think tacky menus and horribly designed neon light logos.  Because of this It was hard to come up with a well designed flyer that screamed “sports bar”.



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