30 Days: 30 Projects-Day 24


Day 24’s simple line drawing was inspired by my vacation home to just outside Syracuse, NY.  The landscape in the countryside where I’m from is very similar to this- Lots of forests, valleys, cornfields and dairy farms.

After visiting home for the first time in several months after moving to the city, it made me realize more than ever how lucky I was to grow up in such a beautiful area.  I always spent tons of time outdoors growing up, and as a teenager I always had tons of great hiking trails and swimming areas to exercise and spend time with friends at.  I absolutely took this for granted and fully assumed it was normal to have a plethora of public places to swim and run outdoors.  So of course, when I entered the real world, I was severely disappointed.  Though I don’t necessarily plan to stay in the NY area my whole life, it does have major advantages- unique changing seasons, lots of landscape changes, tons of lakes and SNOW!




To be honest I’m very disappointed with my photo selection and I realize they don’t represent it very well. Now I wish I had taken more when I was home last! You’ll just have to trust me, it’s beautiful there!


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