Check it Out


Here are links to some of things I’ve really been into and/or obsessed with lately-


 40 Days of Dating: Jessica Walsh (a designer that I’ve been geeking over a little  lately) does a 40 day dating experiment with another single friend and both document the entire thing, completely open and honestly.  And of course there are lots of designs along the way documenting  each day. This site is completely addicting because they made the genius move of only posting one a day so the suspense brings me back… every morning on my IPhone on the bus.

Resume Creativity: On one hand, these resumes inspire me to make mine more creative, on the other, they make me feel like the worst designer ever…Maybe I should get into InDesign right about now and…figure that out.

Milk Drawings: This is the coolest idea ever! I love the sepia tones and water color textures.  I think I need to test this out and see if it really works out this well.  Maybe I will actually get around to posting a DIY!


Watermelon Granitas: How Sweet it is by far is my favorite recipe blog as of now.  I check it at least every day for the most insanely delicious looking things I have ever seen.  I NEED to try these  watermelon granitas, especially since I have been planning to experiment with watermelon juice for at least the past three summers.

Cauliflower Pizza Crust: Has anyone tried this? I am very curious about whether it is up to my snobby pizza standards.  If so, I can’t believe someone finally found a pizza loophole! ( From the Lucky Penny Blog)


The Busy Trap: This article is so interesting. It is about how our culture sucks us into this morphed way of thinking that it’s not okay to have down time.  I feel like in the United States having no free time and feeling guilty any time we’re not actively completing something is just  considered becoming an adult.  TAKE A BREAK! Think about it.


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