30 Days: 30 Projects- Day 18

sail copy

I love this photo so much that as soon as I took it I knew I would be trying to use it for one of my 30 days.  It was taken in Central Park, near east 72nd St, at the sailboat pond.  I still have not gotten used to the fact that I can just casually hang out at central park so easily, considering how famous it is.  My cousin and I will often come here  to have picnics and play ball, and when he sat here overlooking the water wearing his puppy backpack, I saw the perfect opportunity to snap a picture.

The main challenge I had with this photo was the fact that anything I did to it seemed to take away from it rather than improve it.  My original idea was to try and add fun kiddy illustrations to the water of other sailboats and some of the things he may be imagining, but it was just too much.  i ended up going with a simple treasure map vibe, and went with the dashed lines showing the sailboat’s paths.


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