30 Days: 30 Projects- Day 16


As of today, I am over halfway done with this project!  In all honesty, I couldn’t have chosen to challenge myself like this at a worse time, as things have been crazy in my life lately.  At any given moment, I have at least three things on my mind that need sorting out and attention, on top of my current job.  Despite all of the added stress, I have been very surprised at how productive I have managed to be outside of it all.   Its always a good thing to be stretched waaay out side of your comfort zone, only to find out you are capable of more than you expected.

This graphic, like many others in the project, was inspired by a song.  I don’t generally like One Republic, but this one keeps coming up on my Pandora en route to work, and it’s growing on me.  Other than this line, the lyrics I relate to most are ” Old, but I’m not that old, Young, but I’m not that bold”.   This is because I don’t feel that my youth has really given me any advantages once entering the real world, if anything it’s been a huge disadvantage.  Also, I’m old enough that I don’t get the benefit of the doubt when I do awkward things, I just get judged…HARD.  I can’t wait to be 30, it just seems like such a stable age.


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