30 Days; 30 Projects- Day 14

nycToday’s illustration was inspired by the city skyline looking out of the Queens Plaza subway station.  Last night, rushing on my way to Astoria to meet friends, I saw this skyline and the colors were so incredible that I had to take a picture- but only had my IPhone which takes horrible pictures at night.  Since it came out too grainy to use in a design, I decided to use it as the base for an illustration.  The photo made me think of those slow shutter speed  photos of cars in motion at night- the ones where the red of the taillights stream out behind the car.  I decided to pull that idea into the illustration as well to throw some movement in.


I still love this photo, even with the graininess.  It was one of those quiet new york  moments sandwiched in between two crazy hectic new york moments.  As usual with skylines, the picture doesn’t do it justice. It was enough to pause my chocolate-stress-eating, if that puts it in perspective!


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