30 Days: 30 Projects- Day 11


The past few days have been so hectic and crazy.  It’s funny how everything seems to all pile on at the same time usually.  I have a ton of design work that I have to do for other people, and then of course I decided to put pressure on myself to do personal work as well with my 30 days project!

This design might seem like a little bit of a cop out because it has similarities in theme and design to my Day 2 of the project.   I really wanted to explore the geometric shape theme with layering colors more though, despite the potential for a little bit of a repeat.  I honestly just opened my old illustrator file from Day 2, used the same shapes, and next to the older design assembled these by comparing between the two.

I intended for there to be both added depth from  the layering of shapes and colors, and added movement from the pinwheel shape they make as a whole.


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