Artist Inspiration- Dana Tanamachi

uploaded-file-31760Installation at TOMMY (Harajuku) by Tommy Hilfiger in Tokyo, Japan (Dana Tanamachi)

I stumbled upon Dana Tanamachi’s work one day when I was at the doctor’s office.  I was flipping through their magazine selection when I came across the cover she did for The Oprah Magazine.  I was immediately intrigued by her, and even more so when I moved to New York, where chalk art signage is huge.  If you look on craigslist for the NYC area, restaurants actually post legit job openings for chalk artists to design their blackboard menus. One thing you have to love about NYC, it allows for people to make a living by getting into incredibly specific niches.  Anyway, you can find out more about her and work here at her website.

I am so amazed by how graceful and precise her hand- drawn lettering is, even working with such a difficult smudgy media. It just has so much personality. I feel like her work brings back the vintage hand-drawn ad style, but in a more sophisticated, uncluttered and intentional way.  It’s funny, because you can almost tell she’s from Texas just by her style.  I think it would be amazing to make a living off of doing hand drawn illustrations and typography, and am quite jealous of her talent!

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