30 Days: 30 Projects- Day 10


 Day 10!  So the current trend I’ve followed on this project has been that if I am completely stumped on a project, I just think about what songs I’m currently obsessing over and design based off the lyrics.  I will admit  that I have been obsessing over this song (Safe and Sound by Crystal Castles) in a complete NERD way for far too long.  If I am having a bad day though, or even just a normal one, this music video makes me unnaturally happy.  Their timing cutting the film to the music is AMAZING and I love all the silly dance moves- they get me all pumped up for the day.

Anyway on to the design-  I have had a tablet for a while, but when I first tried to use it I have to say it completely overwhelmed me.  It was just too strange and I couldn’t get used to it, or maybe I was just feeling incredibly impatient that day.  The point is, I decided that day that it was THE WORST THING EVER and I couldn’t even look at it ever again and I would just figure it out later maybe.  Well today was that later! Even though I can’t see myself illustrating with it yet because I’m still really shaky, it was pretty easy to use and I was able to experiment with it like no big deal.  So apparently I’ve matured since that day…

Today I played around with handwriting on my tablet and that’s how this came to be.  I photoshopped an old screen print as a setting, which I love to do because prints add lots of texture to an otherwise flat digital image. Plus I love the idea of merging handmade and digital, it often times can just bring out the best in both media.


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