Creamsicle Smoothie


This smoothie is delicious enough that it makes me feel like I’m eating that soft serve frozen yogurt in the city that always have either the word berry or some type of “Yog” in the name.  Minus the 50 CENTS AN OUNCE part.

I’ve discovered that the secret to this is using a thick greek yogurt with 2% fat.  I used freshly squeezed oranges but store bought orange juice would do fine, just remember this is a flexible recipe.  My proportions are just my preferences, and my oranges may have been a different sweetness/citrusyness..? than yours so just go by your taste buds!  This will serve two normal people, or one person with slight portion control issues (myself).



First, pour your orange juice into an ice cube tray and put in freezer until completely frozen.

Then, combine in blender-

  • 6 orange juice ice cubes
  • 1/3 cup yogurt
  • 1 cup Almond milk

Blend.  You’re done already!

If you don’t have the frozen OJ cubes on hand and need this smoothie NOW. just use regular ice cubes and unfrozen orange juice.  I suggest using less milk with this method though, as I prefer my smoothies thick and milkshakey.  Top with toasted coconut, experiment with adding other citrus or tropical fruits, or don’t! Either way, this smoothie is all yours, so get to it.



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