Breakfast Pizza


Breakfast pizza (or pizza in general) in my opinion is one of the most delicious foods even though it is made with the most basic of ingredients.  But the thing is, when all of these simple things come together into a cheesy eggy roasted delicious mess you will not believe your mouth. This past Saturday morning when I woke up, I was stuck in a horrible groggy fog mainly because I don’t have air conditioning and it had to be at least 100 degrees in my room.  Which in NYC is a death wish, and means I am crazy.  But, I swear I am cheaper than I am crazy, if that helps to explains things.  Anyway, I had lots of work to do that day so I needed my breakfast to slap me in  the face…metaphorically.  And this did just that.

I have made this basic pizza but in lots of different variations, usually just based on whatever I have on hand.  This time, I had cherry tomatoes and chives so I decided to do a southwestern version.  My other favorite variation is to spread roasted garlic on my crust and then top with sauteed shallots, spinach and sun dried tomatoes for a more italian flavor.

bpizOnce you have your crust spread (My favorite to use is the Trader Joe’s herb flavored crust) You can top with mozzarella cheese and your veggies. I even put a little salsa on mine.  Then, push those toppings around to make egg sized circle indents for your eggs, and crack your eggs securely into your indents!  Then lastly, top with your favorite spices, I used basil and garlic salt.  Then just throw that in an oven at 425 for about 15 minutes or so (keep an eye on yours though, my oven time may be different!).  I topped mine with a little sour cream and some more salsa for even more deliciousness! If you are like me, and your apartment/house is 100 degrees don’t even risk  turning on your oven without also making some cold brewed coffee in advance to cool things down ( Cold Brewed Coffee).  Let’s just be honest, if you don’t you will probably just burst into flames from the heat.  Stay cool!


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