Cold Brewed Coffee

coff copyCold brewed coffee is the perfect summer iced coffee solution for so many reasons.  First of all it has less of an acidic taste to it as opposed to pouring hot brewed coffee over ice.  It has a much lighter, more crisp refreshing taste.  Also, it can be made in large quantities in advance for the whole week, so even though it takes a longer time to brew, if you make a big batch your active time will be 15 min or less a week.  This is perfect for me, because I work long hours and have very little free time at home where I’m not a sleepy zombie.


All you will need is coffee grounds, a coffee filter, and a big pitcher or jar, like the one pictured above.  I like to use the following proportions-

1 cup coffee grounds (I like a French Roast)

4 cups water

If you look around on the internet there are a million different opinions on proportions, and this actually a lower proportion of coffee compared to most, but since I generally let mine sit for almost 24 hours this has always worked fine for me.  Coffee is expensive enough that even using this much makes me cringe!

All you have to do is combine your coffee and water in your pitcher and let it sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours (More will make it start to become bitter).  Then, pour through a coffee filter and let sit in a pitcher in the fridge, ready to go for when you are groggy and hot in the morning!  I suggest just playing around with proportions until you figure out you preferences, but I really just wanted everyone to see how incredibly un-intimadating it really is to make cold brew.



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