30 Days: 30 projects- Day 1

artLately I’ve been feeling like I need to find a way of challenging myself to produce more without the pressures I tend to put on myself- Sometimes I expect too much of myself to the point that the pressure gets in the way of my goals.  For this project, I am planning to push myself to create 1 project a day, with no expectations and no pressure, in any media or subject area that I feel inspired by in the moment.  I think this will help me to clear out all the cobwebs and get my creative juices flowing again! I think it will also allow me to try out different stylesI wouldn’t have otherwise.

artsThis poster was my day 1 attempt. I decided to do a sharpie line drawing with some small color additions.  I’ve heard this quote before but the main reason I had it stuck in my head was because of the Lana Del Rey song, Gods and Monsters.


I had a lot of fun making my hand drawn text especially, I think I’d like to explore that more another day in the series.  This project, as well as more to come soon are posted on my Etsy account for purchase.


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